WikiGrave Deveopment

Experimenting with forms

I'm experimenting with forms to automatically generate a wiki page. This would make the templates obsolete.

Email Now Works

SMTP email has been properly configured to allow new user registration. Registration is still closed at this time but will work with the secret passcode. The Contact Us form is not ready yet but this is high up on the "to do" list. Registration emails will be coming from the FradyNet.com domain rather that WikiGrave.com. I have a feeling that this may trip some spam filters. I might need to upgrade my hosting to include email on WikiGrave.com sooner than later.

Added Favicon

Created a WikiGrave Favicon. This is the little icon that appears on the page tab. See Tiki Wiki documentation here.

Expanded Listing Limit

Expanded the list function limit from 25 to 50 to accommodate list of all cemeteries. Need to find a workaround to clean up the amount of space the list takes up.

Expanded Database

Increased SQL database size from 300mb to 1000mb. Images are stored in the database. Site operation cost has increased by $2.84 a month.

Launch of WikiGrave Site Development Blog

This blog is dedicated to document progress and what is in the works. My strategy has been to focus on one feature at a time as I am still teaching myself the workings of Tiki Wiki.

These are some of the items I am working on resolving.

  • Configuring mail in Tiki Wiki so users can register.
  • Configure permissions for registered users.
  • Create tutorials for new users.
  • Create pages of code snippets to use as reference.
  • Possibly revise method of linking graves and cemeteries.
  • Generate tables listing all graves in a cemetery.
  • Generate revenue to pay for operating cost.