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admin 06 Oct 2019

I've been playing around with lots of things here but have failed to document all developments.

I'm working on having everything located in Tiki Trackers rather than a Wiki page. Trackers is their name for a database. Trackers have the advantage of maintaining a consistent formatting, remove and add data fields across all items, and provides better search indexing. I'm using Wiki pages as the data entry template and formatting for tracker data. One of the challenges of using a tracker will be how file attachments are displayed. This can be tackled at a later time.

I've decided to have the three different trackers. Cemetery, Memorial, Place of Worship. Memorial links to Cemetery, Cemetery looks for linked Memorial, Cemetery looks for linked Place of Worship. I like visiting old churches.

Tiki has been updated to 20.1.

Site backup is currently a manual process by cloning drives.

Things I'm playing with now.

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